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Coaching and management

Prepare trustworthy financial information

When you are looking to secure and optimise your financial statements and require support for the implementation of your projects.

Audit and Control

Statutory audits and contractual assignments

Beyond the statutory requirements, our audits aim to improve your company's performance and assist its evolution. UHY GVA's auditors work in a relationship of trust and independence.

Creation - Acquisition - Transmission

Optimise in advance For a secure future

In these key corporate moments your needs include the incorporation specific skills and the coordination of operations


Implement a strategy and give meaning to your organisation

Through its professionals UHY GVA makes every effort to help companies gain a better understanding of their external environment and their internal organisation in order to optimise their development strategy.

Special advice for entrepreneurs

UHY GVA's multidisciplinary teams offer you a wide range of services including the development and optimisation of financial information, the development of management tools, and the establishment and monitoring of your legal, fiscal and social obligations. UHY GVA also assists you with Human Resource Management matters, accounting and financial consolidation or reorganization tasks.

UHY GVA establishes relationships of trust and proximity with its customers and provides expertise in the following areas :

  • • Accounting
  • • Legal and tax management
  • • Human resources and payroll management
  • • Specific services for subsidiaries of foreign companies

Every day you are faced with accounting, tax, social or legal challenges. UHY GVA provides you with the necessary resources, adapted to your evolving needs and within your deadlines. UHY GVA focuses on being operational and trustworthy in order to optimise your management and ensure your stability in a relationship of confidence. Our multidisciplinary teams are at your disposal with the necessary resources adapted to your changing needs thanks to their in-depth knowledge and understanding of your business activities.

Our missions:

  • • Bookkeeping and accounting analysis
  • • Preparation of tax returns
  • • Preparation of annual accounts, interim accounts ...
  • • Leadership and decision-making support
  • • Technical and organizational advice
  • • Social advice
  • • Tax advice

Legal and tax management

UHY GVA has specialists in specific areas to meet your needs and assist you in your projects.

Our legal missions:

  • • Incorporation of companies
  • • Amending company statutes (capital, closing date, registered office, ...)
  • • Legal secretarial services : management reports, minutes of meetings ...
  • • Risk management,
  • • Opening branch offices

Our tax missions:

  • • Preparation or inspection of tax returns: VAT, Corporate tax, tax on company vehicles, CFE-CVAE [local business taxes], statements relating to distributions, ...
  • • Optimising your company's tax liabilities
  • • Support in case of inspections
  • • Analysis of fiscal risks

Corporate social responsibility

Aware of the need to develop employee skills, Human Resources Management is now one of the key functions for companies. In addition its payroll services and thanks to its dedicated team, UHY GVA can also advise you on managing the human capital of your company, facilitating social dialogue, managing health and safety issues, working hours consultancy, and providing policy advice according to changing situations.

Example missions:

  • • Recruitment and integration advice
  • • Wage policy advice
  • • Career management and skills advice
  • • Performance evaluation advice
  • • Temporary replacement of internal HR manager
  • • Implementing staff representation bodies
  • • Conducting social audits
  • • Social treatment of stock options and free shares

The International Business Services (IBS) offers a line of multi-disciplinary Accountancy services dedicated to branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies that relocate or expand their business in France.

Our teams work in an international, and therefore multilingual, environment and have mastered different accounting standards (IFRS, US or UK GAAP).

Our national and international missions:

  • • Facilitating the establishment of foreign companies in France and French companies abroad (liaison offices, branches, subsidiaries, etc. ...); creating the appropriate legal structure
  • • Assisting the company to achieve compliance with the obligations of the host country and those of the group (administrative, accounting, social, tax and legal advice and support ...)
  • • Supporting the company throughout its development in France but also abroad
  • • Preparing "group" reporting according to IFRS or US/UK GAAP standards
  • • Ensuring compatibility of parent company accounts with statutory French accounting requirements
  • • Multi-faceted advice throughout the evolution of the French entity

Over 50% of GVA's activity consists of audits for numerous SME/SMIs, intermediate-sized enterprises (ETI), associations and listed companies. Aware of the challenges and specific issues to each sector, GVA has developed sector-specific skills aimed at industry, finance, distribution, services and the non-profit sector ...

These skills aim at

  • • Ensuring the quality and security of financial information provided to third parties
  • • Allowing the company to optimise its information systems and processes

Our missions:

  • • Certification of annual and consolidated accounts
  • • Certificates for specific documents
  • • Opinion reports for related missions (capital increase ...)
  • • Merger and contribution deals audits
  • • Procedural and organisational audits
  • • Implementation of IRFS standards
  • • Information systems audits
  • • …

For a high quality of service

Today, more than ever, the work of statutory auditors requires greater integration and the anticipation of many changes. For our auditors, these missions involve thorough monitoring of the services rendered. Once hired to perform this statutory task, UHY GVA is committed to issue an opinion based on the risk assessment, the quality of internal controls, and validation of the accounting data and financial information submitted.

In acknowledgement of the challenges and issues specific to each sector, UHY GVA has developed sector-specific skills honed for the industrial, financial, distribution, service, new technology, environment, social and humanitarian sectors...

When performing capital increases or in mergers, demergers and spin-offs, UHY GVA accompanies you with all the legal duties required for statutory merger and share audits.

The role of the shares auditor is to appraise:

  • • The value of contributions to ensure they are not overvalued
  • • The specific benefits to be gained from such operations.

The auditor's mission is guided by standards that define both the nature of the procedures to be implemented, the report format to be issued and the deadlines.


  • • Obtain and analyse all the legal and financial documentation related to the operation
  • • Appraise the value of contributions as well as the specific benefits during such operations
  • • Check that the relative valuesassigned to the shares or stakes in the companies involved in the transaction are relevant and that the exchange ratio is fair

Our Missions:

  • • Share auditor
  • • Merger auditor
  • • Specific benefits auditor
  • • Assets and liabilities auditor

These audit missions are designed to improve your internal control and optimise the quality of your accounting and financial procedures. UHY GVA helps you to secure the reliability and accuracy of your financial information, preventing and managing your business risks and strengthening the bonds of trust with your partners.


  • • Auditing business plans, financing plan, dashboard reports
  • • Organisational audit, implementation of internal controls
  • • Managing the risks associated with information systems
  • • Controlling IT costs
  • • Protecting access to sensitive information
  • • Improving operating practices between different departments
  • • Ensuring business continuity
  • • Securing systems in line with industry laws and regulations
  • • …

Receive independent appraisal opinions

In the context of market transactions or in private transactions, an independent expert can give you transparent and factual advice on financial appraisals or transactions. UHY GVA auditors have expert knowledge of different appraisal methods (financial and accounting transactions, IFRS, ...). They undertake this professional task on the basis of risk assessment, internal quality control and validation of the accounting data and financial information submitted.


  • • Independent expertise in merger situations
  • • Independent expertise for evaluating unlisted shares held by mutual funds for employee savings
  • • Appraisal of fair value of assets pursuant to IFRS standards on accounting for business groups and impairment of long-term assets
  • • Evaluation of subsidiary activities or isolated assets in preparation for divestitures and internal restructuring, in accordance with applicable tax issues
  • • Evaluation for the preparation of corporate merger transactions
  • • Evaluation of capital financial instruments particularly in the context of implementing management packages or staff incentive plans (options, share subscription warrants, management package)
  • ...

Strategic coaching for measured growth

Certain crucial events in the life of a company must be taken alongside knowledgeable professionals and with their guidance.

Our teams of specialists, with their knowledge and expertise in legal and tax packages together with financial and assets management, are the ideal partners, in close relationship with other consultants (lawyers, investment funds, bankers, ...), for ensuring secure and optimal conditions in these operations.

UHY GVA, with its skills and experience, is ideally positioned to meet the following needs :

  • • Appraisal
  • • Due diligence
  • • Preparing Business Plans

A key stage in Merger and Acquisition procedures

The aim is to obtain a X-ray of the target company that will allow the buyer to better understand its mode of operation and to validate the financial data provided by the seller.

Our missions:

Buyer due diligence: performing external growth operations

  • • Acquisition audit
  • • Analysing the risks and constraints of the operation
  • • Optimising and securing the transaction
  • • Contributing to the structuring of the transaction and its translation into accounts
  • • Identifying key areas of risk and/or opportunities, whether they are financial, IT, operational or strategic, but also fiscal, legal, social and environmental

Vendor due diligence: selling a business or stake

  • • Optimising the sale of a business and ensuring the control of the process
  • • Anticipating possible difficulties and minimising the risk of failure of the transaction
  • • Maximising the sale price
  • • Reducing negotiation times
  • • Establishing Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)

Start-ups, SMEs or intermediate-sized companies, the business plan or forecast is an essential step in a creation or takeover of a company and an essential element for presenting to financial partners. UHY GVA supports you in your efforts to clearly define the project, to make investments encrypt, mount the overall funding and establish the estimated operating account.

Our missions

  • • Analysing the future profitability of new businesses
  • • Establishing operating and cash flow budgets
  • • Assessing funding needs
  • • Preparing the business plan and financing plan

Measuring value to secure strategic future decisions.

In the context of investment projects or business mergers, it is essential to have reliable and objective information on the value of the companies studied. Indeed, whatever the purpose of the project, its success will be linked to the accurate appraisal of assets, liabilities and synergies.

Our missions:

  • • Assessing the business including the assets and liabilities it holds
  • • Analysing and modelling investment projects
  • • Appraising forecasts and related data
  • • Securing funding models

Consultancy: the "booster" of your corporate strategy

UHY GVA accompanies leaders in their management tasks and provides advice for the major projects that mark the company's life

The life of a company consists in strategic choices: invest, innovate, export, recruit, create, sell .... The operation of the business must adapt at all levels: financial, legal, tax, managerial ... UHY GVA helps you to fulfil these projects and minimise your risks.

Our missions:

  • • Preparing dashboards
  • • Development and support for setting up consolidated or combined accounts
  • • Organisational audit, implementation of internal controls
  • • Executive coaching, management and communication training
  • • Tax arrangements and studies
  • • Search for partners

Any group with annual sales of over 30 million is obliged to present consolidated financial statements.

Joint financial statements for a single source of information

Either for external growth or for internal development, consolidation is an essential management tool for groups and a useful element for external reporting. The consolidation brings together all the accounts of different entities and provides decision makers with data summarizing the activity and the actual performance of a group to facilitate decision making.

Our missions:

  • • Preparing consolidated accounts (French standards or IFRS for listed or international companies)
  • • Technical assistance to consolidation companies (implementing consolidation service with the customer, training, technical support)
  • • Outsourcing of consolidation experts in the case where customers require temporary personnel (holidays, illness etc.)
  • • Preparing joint accounts according to the specific needs associated with your business environment

Coaching for improving operational performance

Today, more than ever, the work of statutory auditors requires greater integration and the anticipation of many changes. For our auditors, these missions involve thorough monitoring of the services rendered. Once hired to perform this statutory task, UHY GVA is committed to issue an opinion based on the risk assessment, the quality of internal controls, and validation of the accounting data and financial information submitted.

Our missions:

  • • Managing the risks associated with information systems
  • • Controlling IT costs
  • • Ensuring business continuity
  • • Protecting access to sensitive information
  • • Improving operating practices between different departments
  • • Securing systems in line with industry laws and regulations
  • • Validating the settings of logistics, order control and ERP packages.
  • • …

Coaching for improving operational performance

To build an ambitious and innovative strategy, GVA accompanies management decision-making in areas such as corporate steering, performance improvement (budgets, dashboards, accounting, calculating cost price, ...).

Our missions:

  • • Preparing business plans, financing plans, dashboard reports
  • • Organisational audit, implementation of internal controls
  • • Executive coaching, management and communication training
  • • Tax arrangements and studies
  • • Search for partners
  • • …

Solutions for improving and optimising the future

When defining the employment status of executives, choosing remuneration means or resolving social or tax issues, UHY GVA remains at your side to assist you, anticipate the future and advise you with your asset related decisions.

Our missions:

  • • Monitoring the financial, legal and taxation aspects of asset management
  • • Anticipating the actions to take for optimizing the transmission of assets
  • • Helping to draw up a balance of assets for executives using an inter-professional approach
  • • Accompanying executives in their choice of legal, tax and social regimes, and finding the balance between salary and dividends
  • • Organizing the private and professional wealth of executives for inheritance and tax purposes
  • • Real estate management: choice of acquisition structure, finding the right funding for the operation, business plan for the duration of the loan, technical optimisation by dividing-up corporate property

High-end partners to overcome your challenges

UHY GVA is surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of specialists and lawyers to ensure the success of its legal and tax assignments, assist its clients in their growth and cope with both common and extraordinary events.

Our missions:

  • • Corporate law, Private Equity
  • • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • • French and international tax law
  • • International mobility
  • • Transfer pricing
  • • Contract law
  • • Business litigation
  • • Prevention and treatment of difficulties
  • • Transition and Restructuring management
  • • …

Guarantee social management to ensure operational performance

UHY GVA proactively monitors the social strategy of its clients in order to adapt to permanent modifications in employment law and collective bargaining agreements affecting their business. Whether it UHY GVA to provide a social diagnosis or manage holiday pay, reduction of work hours or retirement ... UHY GVA and its dedicated teams can provide advice and implement tailor-made tools for securing human capital.

Our missions:

  • • Audit assistance missions
  • • Organisation missions
  • • Monitoring skills and development of training plans
  • • Establishment of a remuneration systems: profit-sharing, employee savings
  • • Career reconstruction procedures
  • • Help with retirement, severance, disability and social action proceedings
  • • Support for social contributions matters
  • • Processing social security applications
  • • Assistance assignments concerning the employee's relationship with the company
  • • …